<span class="tytul">Conceptual affects: Lover’s discourse of A Letter from Milano (1972) by Zofia Kulik</span> <div class="block-podtytul">(Polski) Dyskurs miłosny „Listu z Mediolanu” (1972) Zofii Kulik</div>

Conceptual affects: Lover’s discourse of A Letter from Milano (1972) by Zofia Kulik
(Polski) Dyskurs miłosny „Listu z Mediolanu” (1972) Zofii Kulik



My attempt is to rethink conceptual art from the perspective of emotions and affects, taking as a starting point the early work of Zofia Kulik, namely ”A Letter from Milano” (1972). What kind of ‘affective operations’ are taking place in this work? How the artist depicts the phenomenon of love? How A Letter from Milano with its specific understanding of love discourse would affect art historical thinking on conceptualism? In my analysis and interpretation of ”A letter from Milano” the concept of love is not only defined as communication, a performative act, performance or a constellation of both negative and positive affects, but it also connects with a phenomenon named by the artist as ”czynnościowanie”, i.e. a behaviour grounded in a long duration and repetitiveness of various everyday actions, functions, mediations and physical works, linked with a flexible approach to reality. In conclusion, I propose that regarding conceptual art, love and other emotions/affects shouldn’t be perceived as non-discursive, but on the contrary as vital to the formation and stimulation of the discourse and the subject’s exposure to change and engagement in the world.

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Table of contents

1 Against Modernism
(Polski) Centralny Dom Towarowy w Warszawie
Waldemar Baraniewski  Abstract  
2 The Prudential building in Warsaw as an affective heterotopia
3 The Glass House’: The architecture and ideological meaning of Ignacy Mościcki’s Hall of Residence in Kraków
(Polski) Architektura i znaczenie ideowe II Domu Akademickiego im. Prezydenta Ignacego Mościckiego w Krakowie
4 Competition for the International Auschwitz-Birkenau Monument Abstract  
5 Madrid 1918: Art and the Polish national interest
(Polski) Sztuka i polska racja stanu
6 Decorative forms. The objects of Julia Keilowa in the photographs by Benedykt Jerzy Dorys
(Polski) Przedmioty projektu Julii Keilowej na fotografiach Benedykta Jerzego Dorysa
7 Conceptual affects: Lover’s discourse of A Letter from Milano (1972) by Zofia Kulik
(Polski) Dyskurs miłosny „Listu z Mediolanu” (1972) Zofii Kulik
8 ”Zone of the Imagination” (1970) by Ewa Partum and local art infrastructures Abstract  
9 Space of the city: Chełm 1978 Abstract  
10 New wave in Zielona Góra: New Art Biennale 1985–1996
(Polski) Biennale Sztuki Nowej 1985–1996. Zarys wydarzeń
11 A myth more modern’: On the discourse around Polish figurative painting of the 1990s
(Polski) O dyskursie wokół polskiego malarstwa przedstawieniowego lat dziewięćdziesiątych
12 Extraterrestrials, that is us. The New Era philosophy as an interpretational lead of Paweł Althamer’s activity, with particular reference to Carl Gustav Jung’s theories
(Polski) Filozofia Nowej Ery jako trop interpretacyjny twórczości Pawła Althamera ze szczególnym uwzględnieniem koncepcji Carla Gustava Junga