About Us

Miejsce (Place) is an annual academic journal published by the Faculty of Management of Visual Culture of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. The journal’s title is indicative of its fundamental goal: to conduct research on Polish art and locate it in a specific political, social, geographical and historical situation. This is crucial in the context of the period that we wish to embrace – post-war art with a focus on its most recent chapter, related to the process of disintegration of the communist bloc. We are convinced that no investigations in the field can be conducted effectively not only without basic research, but also without methodological reflection that transgresses the poststructuralist paradigm. It is also necessary to refer to other disciplines, such as sociology, political science and general history, whose findings are all too often neglected by art historians.

We firmly believe that hitherto valid approaches to Polish post-war art – primarily those emerging from New Art History poststructuralism and, consequently, from the “horizontal art history” project as well as research based on visual culture studies – require complementation with the perspective initiated in the journal. We therefore understand the eponymous “place” broadly: both in geopolitical and local dimensions; as a point on the map and a mental space; as an indispensable context of artistic activities and an object of their critique; and as a site of resistance; we perceive it both in the perspective of long-term processes and changes occurring in individual centres; finally – as a field that abounds in exciting tensions and as yet untangled knots.

Miejsce publishes contributions resulting from research on modern and contemporary Polish art, architecture and design – texts that present new approaches to already studied problems and articles that concentrate on poorly explored fields. We take interest in case studies, syntheses and interdisciplinary perspectives. Our goal is to establish Miejsce as a platform of art historical addenda and revisions. At the same time, we wish to emphasise our perception of research on contemporary art and architecture, their political, social, geographical and historical entanglements, as a dynamic and open process that requires constant re-writing of both the material on which we work and the methods that we use. We believe that thus formulated goals, albeit elementary, respond to the most crucial needs of our discipline.


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