Luiza Nader


Luiza Nader is an art historian, professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Author of the book Konceptualizm w Polsce [Conceptual Art in Poland] (2009), and of many texts dedicated to art after 1939. Her research is focused primarily on modern, avant-garde, and neo-avantgarde art, on memory discourse, theories of affect, trauma, and on relations between limit events/ experiences and the cultural field. Currently she is working on the visual notations, artifacts, reports and testimonies from and of the Holocaust in Poland. Her latest book Afekt Strzemińskiego. Teoria widzenia, rysunki wojenne, Pamięci przyjaciół – Żydów [Strzemiński’s Affect. Theory of Seeing, War Drawings, In Memory of Friends—Jews] was published in 2018.