Katarzyna Bojarska

Przepraszamy, ten wpis jest dostępny tylko w języku Amerykański Angielski.


Katarzyna Bojarska is an Assistant professor in the Department of Cultural Studies at the SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Warsaw, co-founder and member of editorial team of an online academic journal Widok. Teorie i praktyki kultury wizualnej [View. Theories and Practices of Visual Culture] www​.pismowidok​.org. Co-founder and vice president of Widok. Foundation for Visual Culture. Fulbright Visiting Researcher (Cornell University 2009–2010) and Fulbright Visiting Professor (University of Illinois, Chicago 2019), member of the Memory Studies Association. Author of the book Wydarzenia po Wydarzeniu: Białoszewski, Richter, Spiegelman [The Events after the Event: Białoszewski, Richter, Spiegelman] (2012); editor and translator of Ernst van Alphen’s Criticism as Intervention. Art, Memory, Affect (2019). Author of numerous articles devoted to entangled relations between literature, visual arts and memory/trauma. Translator (to Polish) of works of Michael Rothberg (Multidirectional Memory), Cathy Caruth (excerpts of Unclaimed Experience), Dominick LaCapra (History in Transit), Susan Buck-Morss (Hegel, Haiti and Universal History), Achille Mbembe (Necropolitics) and many others. Currently head of the Polish team of researchers and of a work package devoted to art/culture and memory in the Horizon2020 project RePAST Revisiting the Past, Anticipating the Future (Research and Innovation Program under Grant Agreement, no. 769252) www​.repast​.eu